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05-04-2012, 09:31 PM
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Poor game, poor decision.
Whoever was laughing about the comment "Nashville has no offense on ice without 46+47" maybe will think twice if he should be laughing.
Make it so simple for Tippet, cover the points and protect the net. Poor Weber can't even shoot. All others can't push the puck in with Smith legally. Peks didn't bail the team this time.
So far no real 5-5 goals. If that's not Smith's mistake behind net, crazy bounce or goalie's stick redirect noone can put the puck to the net.
Weather is Rads or AK (still looking to find pics to see what they did) or someone else to win the Cup you need skill and hard-work. Nashville lucking offensive skill w/o this 2. Weather you like it or not
And it is not just about scoring or not. It is about varieties of offense. You have to keep your eyes on playmakers and shooters everywhere while grinders usually get their goals from rebounds or outworking defenders. 2 options that Nashville had (point-shot and grinder style) easier to defend than "you don't know where it coming from"

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