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05-04-2012, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
This doesn't even compare to 1993. This team is young and only going to get better even as these playoffs continue. In 1993 I was always wondering when the wheels were going to come off when it came to goaltending.

Every OT game in the Finals it was like the Montreal players just checked with Roy and he was "Yeah, I got this."
Yeah, friggin Roy.

I agree though, this team, it's not some magical, last-gas-in-the-tank run that ended up setting the team up for a decade of failure. This team is young enough to start to continue this level for the next several years, longer if DL and Co. play their cards right.

At a time like this, I think of posters like Ron. I have been a Kings fan since Gretzky got here, carried away in the hype an 11-year-old gets watching his favorite player move to LA. I have been a Kings fan for 24 years as a result, and in the last 19 years I have seen two playoff series wins, including the one this year. It's been tough and frustrating and hard to defend at times being a Kings fan. I couldn't imagine two addition decades of that frustration.

So for Ron and the rest of the originals/early years crew, I hope the Kings wrap up the Blues on Sunday and give you guys the first ever sweep in team history and go on to win the cup. I don't want us to be the Chicago Cubs, but the only thing worse than bering the Cubs is being a fan of the Cubs, to forever watch the team but never see a championship.

To that extent, even more than for the guys like Ron, I am pulling for them to win this cup for Bob, the faithful play-by-play guy who has seen far to much poor play, losses and low finishes.

So for Ron and Bob, Go Kings Go!!!!!!

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