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Originally Posted by golfmade View Post
Well to be fair Rads was doing the falling down and turning over of pucks more so in game two, after the late night out. Agreed about AK being a better overall player though, hope if he does go back in for the next game he can not only create good chances but throw some big hits too.
He must do alot of drinking then cause I have seen him fall down alot and not just in that game. But I got to say he is fun watching skating around everywhere like a It must be frustrating for the opponent team. I know it makes me dizzy just trying to watch him on tv so I can only imagine what it's like on the ice. It helped him in the Red wings game where he had alot of space to do that. Don't think it will work as effective in this Coyotes series though as they don't give you much space/room to skate which tend to lead to turnovers as a result if you hold on to the puck too long. Rads is great at stealing the puck and keeping the puck in our end though which gives us more chances to score which I like alot. It's his defense or lack of defense or hussle I don''t like or should I say the teams lack of defense when he's in the lineup. Guess they spend more time in the opponent's side of the ice when he's out there that they just have a hard time getting back on defense or just get laxed on their defense and end up getting beat by the other team as a result and scored on. Also seems the pace of the game is alot faster when he and AK are in the lineup, which causes us to make slopper plays and poor passing as a result. The first two games were very high paced w/ alot of scoring and defensive mistakes. The last two games were slower w/ less scoring and defensive mistakes.

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