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05-04-2012, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by hockey school View Post
Where do you get your info about his issues blbarmada.
you seem like a kid yourself. you are probably a jealous and frustrated kid who never made it as a hockey player and so you trash others on this forum. Get your facts straight before you post rubbish.
The kid has a commitment since hes 15. Look it up on college hockey commitments. Its a full ride and every team in the q would draft him if he did not have a solid commitment.
lol BLB bashes De Luca every chance he can, I've seen this in a couple threads now. He does definitely give off the vibe that he has something against some of these players on a personal level. Rather than say "De Luca has a questionable work ethic", he goes into silly detail that is unnecessary and most likely false. Gives the vibe that he wants nothing more than to see these kids fail. I had a mini rant in response to him earlier (before you stepped in) that I decided against posting but I see you saw what I saw and responded similarly

BLB You shoulda quit while you were behind, you dug yourself a mighty deep hole right here, despite whatever you may convince yourself in your head.

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