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05-04-2012, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
I understand sitting Radulov and Kostitsyn the last game as they broke team rules. Win or lose, Trotz did the right thing on Wednesday, but he really screwed up sitting those guys tonight. Phoenix knew that they would be able to sit back and get a break and win the game; look at Tippett's comments. The Predators sat two offensive players when they needed offense. Yeah we won game 3, but in reality our offense was just as bad save for two brain farts by Smith.

Trotz sat Radulov and Kostitsyn for Tootoo and Halischuk... did they even get any ice time in the last 10 minutes of the third? Yip on the ice, much less the PP? Wilson goes from permascratch to first line in the third? This was the Predators best chance at a long Cup run and they blew it. Poile bet the farm on this offseason. He gave up alot to bring in Gill, Kostitsyn and Gaustad. We could potentially lose Suter, Weber and Radulov all because of Trotz's decision for tonight's game.

After 13 years of reading this at the end of every season all I can say now is.... for the sake of being civil, no.

I swear anyone who still says this kind of garbage needs a lesson in preds history, Trotz is a magnificent coach who can take mediocre teams over the top.

I don't disrespect the decision of a man who has known this team for a very long time, and I'm pretty sure he's in the loop a little bit more than anyone else is. I don't know, I mean he only sees the team when he wakes up in the morning, for lunch, at practice and games, when they're on the plane, and wherever else they might go.

I've heard no complaints from players, and I think he is doing about as well of a job as any human being is capable. I get frustrated with his decisions sometimes but honestly in the long run he is usually right.

Tell me what you would have done differently as a coach (in as ****ed a situation as this years) and I'll throw garbage at you when your team gives it everything they have and has a good shot but comes up short. (and screwed by intent to blow whistle)

Sometimes in sports you lose, the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in sports to win, sometimes (even most times) something will go wrong and you won't win it. That doesn't mean go fire your franchise coach.

Patience friends, patience... He wants that cup as bad as we do.

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