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Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
Now not everyone here works the prototypical 9-5, Monday to Friday job. I unfortunately work in the retail grocery industry. My hours are very erratic. I've had to switch for shifts with less hours at another time during the day, and today I even had to do a $20 bribe with the only co worker I could switch with to see tomorrow's game. Thankfully class is no longer a factor...

At work anytime I switch or call out (I've never called out to watch a Rangers game, I don't deserve that much of a bad rep!) it is automatically assumed that I did so to watch a Rangers game. I can't count on my scheduler or my boss for sympathy either. Both of which are in their 50's and never gave a rat's ass about sports.

I need to find one of those 9-5 jobs.

What sacrifices have you guys made to watch the Rangers' playoff games?
9-5 jobs don't necessarily end at 5 unfortunately. I just working until 11pm.

Anyway, I watched probably 75 regular season games live and the rest on tape. I only missed a live game if I was traveling or had some work function.

The NFL draft is probably my favorite day of the year and I had to watch that on tape due to game 7 against Ottawa. My wife asked me if the Rangers won the Cup that night. Lol. You should have seen her face when I told her that was only the first round. Segue to this past Wednesday's game: our 14th Wedding Anniversary. I had to watch the game. She accepts it, but doesn't necessarily like it. Oh well, hopefully she doesn't sacrifice me.

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