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05-05-2012, 02:05 AM
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i would go with the traditional jock as well.

also, in regards to a mask. if you really must have a goalie mask, then go with hackva/fusion like previously suggested, or you can go for a sportmask. Personally i love the sportmask x8 or the mage, both have incredible visibility.

if you want to save money and have your head protected, i also recommend a jofa combo, any combinations of 390/387 , 390/267 (aka the soderstorm combo), or 282/724 (irbe combo) will work like a charm, better than all the entry level masks and on par with the senior level ones. just have to search on ebay for a bit they come up every few days.... another option would be a cooper combo, however the cooper combo exposes the forehead more and has a bigger flat spot so you are more likely to get a pressure cut...

maltese combo for neck guard is definitely the way to go! totally worth the money, especially if you plan on going with out a dangler... but if you are going with a dangler i think a maltese might be overkill...

if you are looking to spend between 200-250 for a c/a , brians b-star c/a is listed at 199.98 on goaliemonkey.

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