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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Trotz is an enigma to me. Some say he gets the most out of the least. Others think he's trash. Sometimes coaches have a shelf life and they sometimes expire. Was Joe Torre that bad of a manager for the Yanks? He won 4 World Series and was replaced. Tom Landry was a Cowboys fixture for years and was replaced. While I agree Trotz has done a lot here in Nashville, the question remains, can he get it done when it counts? Well, unless we win the next three, the answer is no.

Trotz made some great adjustments against Detroit. He put Bourque and Radulov with Legwand and found a spark. He was able to roll three lines and two defensive pairings out on the ice to match up against Detroit's top two lines and found scoring from our bottom 6. Has he made any real adjustments this series other than to pair Klein/Cube and Gill/Josi? The forward lines are not working against Phoenix. While chances are being generated, we have scored 8 goals in 4 games. Not going to win many series with a 2 goal per game average.

As a coach you need to switch stuff up to get a spark out of your team. We seem stagnant and Phoenix just seems to be one step ahead of us all the time. They adjusted on their PK last night and for the most part, we didn't have many looks. Fisher's line except for Erat has been atrocious. Considering we have the last change, why are we putting Legwand and Fisher out against Gordon in the faceoff dot? Gordon has killed us this series. I don't care if we're in the offensive zone, put Goose out there and let him draw it back to Suter and Weber on the point. It's one of the few times they have time and space to do anything with the puck. Isn't that why we gave up a first and got him, to win crucial faceoffs? Seriously, down a goal, goalie pulled, we need a faceoff win and Goose is on the bench. I don't care if he isn't an offensive threat, the 6 guys aren't an offensive threat either if they don't have the puck.

Where the F has Weber been this series? Isn't he a big body that is physical? Aren't these the types of guys that have an impact on the series? Erat has thrown more checks than Weber at this point.

While I get a team has to play a system to be successful, you have to let your best players play to their strengths. Wilson looked like a beast last night. Yeah, he got the message about good two way hockey but at what expense to the team? Can we not live with guys that are all great two players? Can we not let guys with offensive talent play that way? Can we not find guys to balance them out on a line? Yeah, everyone needs to be held accountable and play a two way game but when it stifles your offensive production, it almost seems as if you're robbing Peter to pay Paul.

All this said, I don't think Trotz has made the right adjustments throughout the series. I think Tippett has out coached Trotz and I think the Coyotes have out Predatored the Preds. On top of it, if I'm Trotz I'm making a big stink about how many goals have been waved off this series as well. Take the fine Barry, maybe you'll get the refs to not blow their whistles so quick or have the refs not have the intent to blow their whistles so quick. Sometimes being polite gets a little old. I liked the bad boy rep we got against Detroit, where is that now?

And one last thing, a coach is responsible for keeping a team sharp and focused during a layoff, especially during the playoffs. Well, did we come out ready to play in this series, not really. Do we have our mojo or our game working for us, not really. Coaches have to keep the pressure on guys for them to perform and I think that is lost on Trotz to be perfectly honest.
I agree with most of these.... I do think Trotz has been outcoached...

and also I don't think we have the leadership in the locker room.... I don't think the C is on the right chest..... It should be Erat next year..

Tippett made an interesting remark at his presser last night... that the leadership in the room keeps the guys on the straight and narrow..

I know it's not webers style.... but as roenick also said...(paraphrasing) there should have been a come to Jesus moment from the players leadership to Rad and AK....I'm not in the lockerroom , so I don't know anything,,, but I doubt that happened...

Weber hasn't shown up, in many areas...

And I think Pekka should have an A next year... and I think Fisher doesn't...
nothing against him.... it's just time for a change.

oh, since the reason for the thread is about trotz being fired..... I say no..... but I say it's time for one or two assistants to be upgraded.... Trotz talked about all the awesome assistants that phoenix has.... time for us to have that...

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