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Originally Posted by Adam Thilander View Post
lol BLB bashes De Luca every chance he can, I've seen this in a couple threads now. He does definitely give off the vibe that he has something against some of these players on a personal level. Rather than say "De Luca has a questionable work ethic", he goes into silly detail that is unnecessary and most likely false. Gives the vibe that he wants nothing more than to see these kids fail. I had a mini rant in response to him earlier (before you stepped in) that I decided against posting but I see you saw what I saw and responded similarly

BLB You shoulda quit while you were behind, you dug yourself a mighty deep hole right here, despite whatever you may convince yourself in your head.
Right cause I know these kids.... I know people who know them... But I don't...

Do I personally have a problem with Duclair ? Nope, guys going top 5 next year.

Do I hate Drouin ? Nope I feel bad for him cause he kinda got shafted... He will go top 10 next year, he could really explode.

Do is hate DeLuca ? Nope, I once stated that he was on Drouins level... Is he ? In terms of skill yes I think so, hockey sense ? Well maybe, work ethic ? No, I've seen him play 10 times... He is given too much freedom by Goyens... However thats also cause the Lions roll their top 2 lines.... You want better wording ? He needs to pass more, he needs to work harder out on the ice, and he needs to show that he doesn't have to score the perfect goal..

If you read my earlier post I said he could rip through the Q.. Why would I say that if I hate him ?

I also said he may go in the 7th round... Why I say it ? He played 2 years AAA, doesn't help, he has flaws that aren't the kind most teams will accpet.. Talent wise, he could go top 90, I think top 60.. 95's a deep deep draft.

Will someone take him, yes.

The kid is built to thrive, he could step into the NHL in 2 years physically... How many 16/17 year olds are built like a truck ?

He has on ice issues the could hold him back....

Happy now ? Is that worded correctly enough for you...

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