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05-05-2012, 10:31 AM
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1. Lost game 1 to a fluke faceoff and a bad play by Peka.

2. Lost game 4 because an NHL owned team had a ref who says he had intent to blow his wistle because apparently he lost sight of it due to it being past the goal line and in the net.

The Preds got outplayed 1 game and we all got a pretty good reason as to why.
In no way should Trotz be fired. He has no control over the two things listed above or that his players like they have done ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! year have failed to convert great chances. He has no control over the fact that Legwand and SK just refuse to shoot the puck on great chances and are light as feathers on the puck.

However i do not agree with some of his game management decisions. Having your best faceoff guy you traded a #1 pick for sitting the bench on faceoffs when the game and season is on the line was a big mistake and it cost big time. I think he needs to relax on his belief on all defense and hope you get a good bounce offensively. Hopefully this series will change that some and get it through his thick skull that sometimes the best defense is offense.

Finally it is not the coaching staff that needs to be overhauled. Minor tweeks yes but it is the product on the ice that needs a major tune up.

1. Legwands time on the first two lines as a center is up.
2. SK is a waste of a spot on the roster. Sure he can get you some goals in the season but when it counts he disappears.
3. Fisher has no business being a top line center. He was on the third line in Ottawa for goodness sakes.
4. Klein needs to be a 3rd line D-man. He has moments of good but his overall game is average.
5. Wilson has proved he deserves a spot next year.
6. Toots i am unsure about.
7. I love what Horny brings but he is not a top line player. He can get a dirty goal but he has zero skill shooting or skating.

We have a ton of lower guy lines but have a lot that needs to be changed up top.

A lot to think about for next year.

Line one: Erat-?-Wilson
Line two: Bourque-Smith-?
Line three: ?-Fisher-Hornqvist
Line Four: ?-Gaustad-Tootoo

Depth:Halischuck, Spaling, Legwand (unless you can get something significant for him)

D Line one: Weber-Josi
D Line two: Ellis-?
D Line three: Klein-?

Depth: Gill, Bouillon

That is what i would start with and i would be making some serious moves in the offseason

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