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05-05-2012, 10:33 AM
Des Louise
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Originally Posted by LastRide View Post
Its easier on the pocket book for Geoff to buy out Gomer. Geoff has to pay Gomers full contract sending him down. If he buys him out it costs him less. The winner is Geoff for saving money, and the players and fans get the raw end of the deal being stuck with Gomers cap hit.
All true, but you have to wonder what the habs will/can/could do with that cap space.

I personally wonder if there will even be enough good players that are worth signing or trading for to get us to the cap.

I don't think the habs should handcuff themselves to long term UFA deals just because they have the money to spend to the cap. I think the habs should be looking for top notch players, but if none are available, you don't do what Gainey did in 09. And I'm very afraid that there's only 2 options : stay pat and not spend to the cap OR repeat of 09 with signing average players to insane deals.

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