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Originally Posted by yianik View Post
Cant see Molson resigning as owner but given the reality of the Gomez contract halmstringing the GM and team in terms of Cap space and the great upset fans feel over this trade, keeping Gomez on the books for 4 years would be a horrible move and while I know a team is an investment, not a collectible, given the bucks the Habs bring in a buyout over burying would show me Molson is really about the money, and icing a top team just secondary.
Yes..and you would by far not be the only one to think that which would be damaging. But from what I've seen of Molson in the past couple of months, I believe at least at this point that he wouldn't proceed in that manner...not to save 3.3 mil. I mean look at how quickly he pulled the trigger on Gauthier as soon as we were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and how he has conducted things since. Not to mention this is a business after all, and what makes the most business sense even if you do take the genuine passion I think he does have for the team out of the equation, is to make the squad better. I don't think creating dead cap space for the next 4 years does that. I think we'll see them wait to see what happens with the CBA and then either buy him out free of consequence if that option does arrive, or bury him. Nothing else IMO is acceptable.

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