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03-20-2006, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya
Look, the general concensous of the thread is lets applaud him but let's not hear the bring back Leetch chant. You imply that most of us are equating the also make sweeping generalizations about Ranger fans.
From post #35 in this thread (boldface added here for emphasis):

"One more time, slowly: I was asking how applauding Brian Leetch at the start of the game tomorrow night equates to "clinging to the past" or "wanting the player to return to NYR". It seemed like a stretch, a very bizarre connection to make. But apparently, it's valid to you and a very small number of others."

OK, now remind me: where were the "sweeping generalizations"?

Mugerya, if you wish to call me out for suggesting that Brian Leetch deserves (and will surely receive) nothing less than a spontaneous outpouring of reverence and applause tomorrow night, go for it.

Want to rip me for suggesting anything else, you are simply creating fiction.

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