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05-05-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I agree. Makes no sense whatsoever. Your message was heard the first time, you know that if they come back, chances are they play great. Now, if you re-insert them, it means that you proove that you were wrong 'cause you do it because you lost. And then, your message looks more stupid. Even the greatest of coach can make the most stupid decisions. And after all this is done, and if the Preds are eliminated, we can be sure of one thing....both guys aren't back next year.
You can be sure of something else too if they lose, the decision to leave these guys out for the 2nd game will be questioned, and Trotz will be blamed for it.

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
The message being sent wasn't to the 2 players involved. The message was being sent to the rest of the team. Full commitment wins. You won without them most of the season and in game 3 you can do it again.

Nashville's time is coming to an end but Trotz made a team focused decision here, and he can't be blamed for that.
The message was sent to everybody, and the whole team supported it. It was sent when they benched those guys in game 3. The message was pretty serious considering Nashville was down 2-0, and those two guys were leading the team in pts at the time. Losing that game and dropping to 3-0 would have been horrible.
The team rallied, and won. The message was sent, you don't need to keep sending it, what's the point?
They went after those guys because they wanted to improve their depth. They remain a good team, like they were in the reg. season, but the scorers during the year, Erat-Fisher-Hornqvist have combined for 3goals. SK, only has 2pts. Needless to say, Nashville needs all the help it can get up front.

Trotz can be blamed, and will be if Nsh loses. The decision to suspend them one game was good, and the team rallied behind it. The decision to suspend again was wrong, and now, as WS has brought up, if he brings them back it won't be because the message was well sent, it'll be because they lost and that nullifies the message.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I think the reason he kept them out is because he won the previous game.

I'm not suggesting that that is a rational base for a decision, but that's what a lot of coaches do, they don't make changes when winning.

Nashville could have used some offense last night. A team like that shouldn't bench its two best offensive players.
Trotz has made some changes even after wins. He switched players around his line up.
Same thing with Hitchcock in St-Louis, scratching/inserting different players.

The ''no changes after winning'' mentality is pretty ridiculous. You can win despite playing like crap, and it's not because you dodged a bullet, that you'll dodge the next one as well.

It was a mistake.

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