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05-05-2012, 11:46 AM
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Hip/Groin Pain

The thread about mohawk turns made me realize I should post about hip/groin pain. I've been through an agonizing 6 months because I've been skating hard about and have been trying to loosen my hips to allow for more turnout. It's been so bad that I've suited up, skated 1 shift and then realized I couldn't even push off (hips have been that bad). I probably averaged half a goal/game over the winter session I play in. I started PT a few months ago with a great group, and if you're suffering from pain in the hip/groin and stretching doesn't seem to do it, I recommend you see someone that specializes in body symmetry/muscle balance and that knows about how the hip joint needs to be strengthened specifically for hockey. In addition, I started wearing these:

and can't say enough about them. They cut any pain I'm having way down, and I haven't "tweaked" either my hips or groin while playing and wearing these (I now own 3 pairs and wear whenever I run, lift, or do dryland as well).

My last four games goal totals: 2,4,2,2 and the PT and coreshorts PRO have really been worth it. Hope this helps some other long-suffering wannabe out there. Good luck!

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