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05-05-2012, 01:25 PM
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Personally, its gone and done, I would not consider doing anything about that particular incident.

If anything, all I'd do is maybe say something to the player that there had been a story going around of the incident, emphasize you're not asking if its true or not, but just making sure he's aware of the doping policy and to be careful as if it does come out or happen again, there might be action taken.

In a way, do it as a friend giving a warning and not that you're looking to get to the bottom of the story or the truth.

EDIT: Just to add though, if I did find out this was happening and a regular thing, I'd let the higher league authorities know and let them deal with it as I, personally, would not want to play with him regularly out of fear of him causing an injury to himself or someone else.

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