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05-05-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by darrenturcotte#8 View Post
After his coach messed with his head for several seasons. Radu was the best player for Nash in the playoffs the yr before he left. TrotZ (happy?) not only didn't build on that but he sat the kid and continued to give him 10 mins or less of ice time while Radu scored almost every time he stepped on the ice. You watch, when he finally gets away from Trotz, Radu will be a 30 goal, 80 point guy... for another team...
This is quite obviously the perspective of someone who has no handle on the situation. None. If Radulov had been "chased off" then why would he come back in the first place? The rumor was he didn't like being around some of the older leadership in the lockerroom (Captain Arnott at the time, and JP Dumont). Those guys are gone now. And what do you know? Radulov came back.

The lines of communication were open the entire time he was in Russia. If he was "driven off" by Trotz & Co., you would think those lines would've been severed. And on top of that, Poile offered to trade his rights so he could return for another team. He refused. He said if he came back, he would come back and play for Nashville.

Are you making up this story as you go? Because what you say happened (including ice time, which was refuted by 101st in the post above) didn't happen. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

Most of the time, when fans "come in peace," they are asking questions, not telling fans who have much greater knowledge of the situation "what happened."

Radulov chose to go to Russia on his own. He wasn't forced there. He also wasn't forced to come back....and certainly not forced to come back here. Your account of the events is completely fabricated and filled with ignorance.

But please, by all means, continue to tell us how it was Trotz that ruined that poor hard working Radulov kid.

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