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Originally Posted by Gwyddbwyll View Post
I know very little about college hockey (or college sport in general) beyond the big names. How old are these D-1 players? What colleges are they playing for? Is this like the famous Shattuck St.Mary's program? Are they hoping to be recruited by a big NCAA team next year?
University age, so about 18-21 or so. ASU hockey in particular is a "club" sport (i.e. not school-sponsored), so in theory, even a non-student could play for them, but perhaps the league they play in/their internal policy is only to select ASU students to play.

Not sure how the club hockey programs like ASU relate to the NCAA-sponsored ones. I don't really follow it, but I imagine it's perfectly feasible for an ASU player, for example, to get recruited to transfer to an NCAA hockey program.

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