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11-23-2003, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
Why? Even though we have a better record then last year at this point, we still have serious problems to address, especially if we want to make the playoffs.

Vokoun has not been the star he was last year. He has been more than human, letting in way to many soft goals.

Our defense may be better than last years, but they have a few glaring errors. One key error, is the inability to clear the crease. Until that problem is addressed, expect us to be no better than a .500 team regardless of effort. Schnabel and Kloucek should be the answer for that.

Offensively we can't bury our chances. This year we have been getting better offensive chances then in years past, but we cannot bury them. We need a finisher, to put it bluntly. Legwand can set up some beautiful chances, but we don't have anyone to put the puck in the net. *Look at Hall's shot against Cechmanek the other night, open net.....he puts it over the crossbar*. If we want to go far in this league, we need somone to start putting the puck in the net. Hopefully AJ will do this whenever he recovers from his concussion.

We were built to be a physical team, yet we haven't played the physical game thus far on the road trip. Why????

These questions need to be answered or at least bandaged up, if we expect to have a .500 season, let alone a playoff birth.

I'll agree that I love that he Predators are doing decent at this point, but I want to see them win, and to win, these are areas that have to be addressed.
We woul all like to see them win. But reality needs to set in here. The Pred's are NOT a play-off contender - Not on the West and not until their young guys start to mature in the next couple of years. Unless the Pred's want to spend some $ on some vets we are going to have be patient and wait. In my view this is ok because I think the future is really bright.