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11-23-2003, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by demitra382003
To COL: Kolzig and Gonchar
To WASH: Tanguay, Aebisher, Skoula, Liles

I doubt COL does anything like this until later in the year - why pay the big salaries the whole year when you really only need them for the playoffs?

I agree with others that it seems to big a deal to be realistic, but who knows? Let's break it down like this:

Kolzig for Aebischer and Skoula.
Gonchar for Tanguay and Liles.

I'm not sure that Kolzig+Gonchar necessarily means Morris going the way, as others have suggested. Morris makes $3.5mil and will need a new deal in a couple years, so the Caps probably couldn't afford him (even with losing Gonchar/Kolzig's salary). On the other hand, I'm not sure how big the Caps would be on Skoula or Liles. Caps are really looking for a big, nasty young D-man (like a Barret Jackman-type). Honestly, the first priority for the Caps is to move Jagr, if possible. Kolzig is a good possibility to go. Bondra as well. I think they will try to hang on to Gonchar if they can shed those other salaries.
I have to agree, Gonchar is the least likely player for the Capitals to trade. He is reasonably priced and at age 29 could be playing in his prime for several more seasons. With a team struggling to ice a full complement of NHL defensemen, it doesn't seem like a good bet to trade Gonchar.

That being said, in today's NHL economic climate, Jagr and his long term contract are virtually impossible to move in a trade. The Capitals may be stuck with him.

Bondra and Kolzig, two high priced aging veterans seem like the best bets for trades. The Capitals would rid themselves of high priced contracts and get younger assets. The problem is that Leonsis doesn't look like he wants to make the hard choice to trade popular players like Bondra or Kolzig.

I think the Capitals are in dissaray, Leonsis claims he wants to operate under a budget, yet does nothing this summer in terms of ridding himself of expensive contracts. Additionally, the Capitals are beyond struggling at this point of the season, and we've yet to see any kind of shake up whatsover, from coaching or management changes, to major trades.

The organization seems to be suffering from a clear plan or decision making. It would not surprise me if the Capitals continue their disastrous season, miss the playoffs, yet fail to make any major trades. Then in the offseason they will simply try to let players go like Kolzig by not exercising the team option.

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