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05-05-2012, 03:21 PM
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vCash: 500 are becoming less credible with each and every post. Wow you have friends that know these kids I am so impressed.

Granted I do not know how the Q works or about other players and what they were promised; however, I do know the Deluca situation which I consider pretty well. I have gotten to know his father pretty well through various forms of social media, and he took the time to call and explain the family's reasoning for not chosing the Q. It showed me how committed he is to the organization I choose to follow. This was a call I did not expect ( he got my number off facebook) but it is one I greatly appreciated.

You are correct in that the teams from the Q are throwing wild offers at him, but gaging from our conversation, it is not something the Delucas' need. Angelo seems to be a very successful business man and the $$$ is not a determining factor. Yes any 16-17 year old kid's eyes are going to come out of their head with the types of offers that are on the table, but a level headed parent has to make the decision what is best for the family. I believe in this case Mr. Deluca has, not only because I back the USHL, but also to guarentee a quality education for his son.

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