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05-05-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Scientific proof Americans put way too much emphasis on the importance of football. There isn't a sporting even on the planet I'm paying $2000/seat for (especially bad seats) unless the seat comes with an 18 year old stripper who lap dances me once a quarter with touching allowed. She also has to bring me free Red Robin burgers, fries and Fat Tire beer during every timeout and at half-time.
the super bowl in the last few years has turned into an event more than a game anyways. Its not even like most of the people there are huge fans of either team but more people with huge bank accounts. It wasn't like that even a few years ago. I went to the steelers super bowl win in Detroit and we got decent seats for around 500 bucks a piece (still pretty hefty but i think its worth it to go once in your life if given the chance). The difference between that game and even ones just a couple years later is that the game was just packed with Steelers fans and it was loud and crazy. Now it just seems like its packed with people attempting to "make an appearance." That always drives ticket prices up because it opens up the market to everyone and not just sports fans.

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