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03-20-2006, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by oli500
Radek Bonk 2.3
Richard zednik 1.8
Mike Ribeiro 1.1mill
Niklas Sundstrom $988,000

If you add these four players they make a combine 6,1 million dollars. With that kind of cash you could by youreself 2 exelent players. That's way too much money for what theyve done this year. The only way will be better next year is if we get rid of these four players. If they stay on the team we wont have a chance of having a better club because you dident upgrade. Its really not hard to find upgrades on these players. Plekanec can easily take on ribeiros role as a second line center. If ribeiro stays on the team and plekanec starts as a 3rd or 4th line player were wasting his talent. Can chipchura be any worse than bonk???? Instead of wasting his time in the minors why not give him the oportunity to play in the nhl and learn on the fly. The flyers a team that usualy is all about winning did not waste any time with richards and carter. Would latendresse be any worse than sundstrom??

My point is the good teams Ottawa,phillie, etc that win on a yearly basis arent afraind of getting rid of players who arent doing theire job to add better players. Thats the secret of having a sucesful franchise. If they have to buy out some players to make room for others they will do it. The habs have a certain loyalty factor towards its players and that must go. Im tired of being stuck with players that are going no were. People will say, oh well no wants these players so were stuck with them. Thats no excuse, if they want to get better than buy them out and replace them that way. New jersey wasent afraid of puting mogilny on waivers. When the off season arrives gainey shouldent be afraid of putting bonk on waivers and hope some one picks him up or if not just buy out his contract.

All take Ottawa for an example: The team was built urond yashin and hossa and when they realised they werent going to make them win they gotten rid of them and replace them.

Think about it, the 6,1 million we've pretty much wasted on these players could get us the defencemen we've allways needid and add a goal scorer to complement kovalev. If any of these four players are still on the team next year and taking a roster spot away from a youngster like latendresse or chipchura im going to loose it.
Out of those 4 players only Bonk is overpaid.

6.1 Millions divided by 4 players = 1,525 Millions
NHL average salary= 1.46 Millions

Food for thought

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