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05-05-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
You know, the more that I watch that Ovechkin hit, the more adamant I am that he should not be suspended. First of all, the notion that Ovie went after Girardi is incorrect. If you watch the play from behind Ovie, he initially slides his left foot out trying to kick the puck to himself with his left skate, while seeing Girardi coming on. He would be a complete idiot to look down at the puck and disregard Girardi, that would be a Mike Green concussion move. Girardi, in the meantime, is clearly anticipating Ovie getting control of the puck and heads toward him. After Ovie misses the puck he does not change directions toward Girardi, but rather continues on his initial path (which was dictated by where he would have gone with the puck). So up to this point this was not Ovie going out of his way to find Girardi. In fact, Girardi is looking at the puck initially, then looks back at Ovie probably thinking he has possession of the puck, and takes a stride with his left foot in the direction he thinks Ovie will go (seen in photo below). This was not a defenseless skater blindsided but rather a guy trying to make a play on Ovie.

That brings us to the hit itself. Ovie's right foot was CLEARLY on the ice at the point of impact. That is not even arguable. So the "leaving his feet" argument holds no water. A very similar hit by Orpik on Skinner comes to mind, where Orpik went airborne AFTER contact. That hit received no supplemental discipline. Also, here, Girardi is skating very low, so I'm not really sure how Ovie avoids the head.

Here are images of the play continued, watch Girardi's low stride toward where he thinks Ovie is going with the puck.

Attention Washington Post and Washington Times reporters. Please use the information in this post on your blogs.

That is all.

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