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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
The same could be said for primary assists too, though. Imagine a scenario where the secondary assist player stole the puck from an attacker, basically created all offense on his own, passed it to someone who gets a stick on it but otherwise doesn't control it, then the guy who ends up being the goal scorer shoots it in. That's just a scenario off the top of my head but this type of thing could happen all the time.

Sure you'll get a good portion of secondary assists that don't directly lead to a goal, but again that comes back to the argument of "what if he didn't feed it to the guy who made the primary assist?" The puck might never even reach the offensive zone without that seemingly-useless play.
Yeah some secondary assists are definitely important and "relevant", but in my opinion less than say 50 percent are( not based on fact just on watching a lot and playing a bit).

A well placed hit or a great forecheck/backcheck could also be a contributing factor in a goal, aswell as a good goalie screen but there's no points awarded for that. I realize this is very theoretical but i guess that's why most of us are here, to talk about and discuss the game we love

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