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05-05-2012, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
As a Canadian I'm just curious as to how things work over there as far as soccer goes. I believe it is the number one sport in the country and I'm wondering how the academy's work which is the system used in most european country's which uses academys from the club teams. Also how do the Swedish clubs do in international competition against other clubs from other country's such as Spain etc ? Thanks in advance for responses
The sheer population competition with other football nations makes football/soccer a very difficult sport for Sweden to compete in internationally, but there's a ton of interest for sure. It varies, but we *still* ride on a bit of a success wave ever since the US World Championships in 1994 when we finished third, with the most beloved sport's team we have. It's like our Lake Placid, or whatever, despite "only" finishing third. These days swedish players are having troubles establishing themselves in the higher leagues in Europe, but there's plenty of players in mid-Serie A level, Dutch league, and so on.

The national league is quite poor, the players who develop into something good get snatched right away by some other team, so all our talent goes abroad, which is obviously a problem.

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