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11-23-2003, 01:31 PM
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Please don't shoot the messenger: Trotz

I don't want this to come off the wrong way, and I don't know exactly how to say it in a PC manner. I think Trotz has to go.

He has been the right coach up until a certain point in the franchise. But I don't know that the Preds can progress beyond their curent state with lovable Trotzy at the helm. Here's what I think we need:
1) a Teaching/mentoring coach. We already have lots of under 26 players on the roster. Before the year is out, I think we will have more.
2) a Winning Coach on the NHL level. I think we need someone who has actually been a winner and led teams into the playoffs. We are no longer at the 'castoffs/pieces parts/last chance' players phase. The majority of the roster consists of drafted players or young moldable assets acquired in trade.
3) a Serious shakeup to demonstrate to weary fans that management will do whatever it takes to get there. The serious roster moves in the off season were important. Now, we need...
4) a new system. The current coaching philosophy has been worn thin.

Now, I really like Trotz as a person. And he deserves credit for getting the most out of what he has been given to this point. I just think he has taken us as far as he and his philosophy can. The multiple personality disorder the team exhibits (great one night, snake bitten the next) is not just luck. I tend to beleive you make your own luck via planning and hard work.

There, flame away, if you will.

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