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05-05-2012, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by gopreds19 View Post
Making the playoffs, always good enough for Nashville fans.
More or less, yes. Because making the playoffs means you have the possibility of winning the Stanley Cup.

Missing the playoffs...well...means you can't.

There isn't a coach out there that has a formula that gets their team to the 3rd round (or beyond) on a consistent basis. A lot of it has to do with who we draw. That was one of the reasons I wanted to face Chicago, rather than Phoenix.

First it was "we just can't make the playoffs"...then it was "we just can't win a playoff series"....then it was "we just can't beat the Wings in the playoffs" it's "we just can't make it past the second round"? Honestly...will the tune even change if we come back and win the series, but lose in the WCF? I swear, for some of you, it would be "well, that was a lucky series in the second round, BUT TROTZ CAN'T WIN IT ALL!!!"

Some people act like that with the team we have, we should be gifted the Cup. There is not an unworthy team among the remaining 8. Whoever wins it will have to ****ing earn it.

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