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05-05-2012, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
See, the thing is that most people hated the deal WHEN it happened. Not based on the Gomez of today. 'Cause if it was, Gainey would have been fired the day after. Most Rangers fans, as much as Gomez was such a great player, were happy to see him leave. Those guys are actually the ones who saw him day in and day out. Not the fans who sees a statesheet and believe it's the reality.

And it is pretty tough to get over it when you see the guy we traded doing great day in day out.

As far as the whining is concerned, some whine about management. Others whine about HF posters. To each their own I guess. But personnally, I don't mind either. This is a board and one of its purpose is to vent. Peace indeed.
Not true. I was there, and it was pretty even sided. I could see the pragmatic rationale, given that I wouldn't have a clue on what they would be able to get on the market (the running rate was what, now that we know? Plekanec, Gorges, Subban and a 1st for Lecavalier?).

I remember I was hoping McD would bounce back because reports weren't very positive, contrarily to the other young player we had at that time, which a truly bad GM would've traded away instead (sure glad that didn't happen).

I remember some complaining about McD that day.

I also remember people saying they were pissed because of the Tank who was gone too, some even more about him than McD. I remember others complaining it was Higgins who would probably bounce back with another team like Ryder had done.

I remember a lot of people were in a wait and see mode.

I also remember a jersey fan coming around here and saying he was curious what Gomez would do with a player like Markov, the kind of D support Gomez hadn't had since Rafalski (when he got those 14 points in 11 playoff games before signing his contract). He ended-up being right on the money.

I remember a lot of people complaining about the size of the team, about the height of the overall trades and signings (and Gomez wasn't the shortest on the list, by far).

I remember some fans were happy, seeing a potential for strong two-way play.

What you remember is a tainted version of reality to fit your perception. I dare you to look at 40+(50? 100?) pages and seriously tell me that the pulse was most people were complaining about the Gomez trade.

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