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05-06-2012, 12:10 AM
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Good post. It's easy to forget a lot of that stuff. If we get eliminated, we are in good company. Not everyone can win and not everyone does.

Originally Posted by BourqueBourqueBork View Post
That applies to the other 29 teams as well.

Believe one here DOESN'T want to win the Cup.

The Preds have a very good team this year (and they're not out yet, btw)...but every team remaining is also a very good team. That's the nature of the playoffs. Think about some of the talented teams -- Vancouver, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago -- that didn't even make the second round. The playoffs aren't easy.

Losing in the playoffs, especially the second round and beyond -- isn't reason alone to fire your coach. Sometimes a team isn't a good matchup for you due to the way the team plays. That doesn't necessarily mean the coach failed. I think Chicago would've been a more favorable matchup for us...but obviously we can't help which teams advance and which ones don't. We just have to roll with whatever hand we are dealt.

I get the feeling that some of our fans underestimate just how difficult it is to win the Stanley Cup. Otherwise, LA, St. Louis, and Vancouver would've won by now...and Toronto would have multiple Stanley Cups since the 60s.

Honestly...who are we to complain? I'm not saying we should settle for mediocrity...but that's not what we have been doing. Ever since the lockout, we've been in the mix. We've gotten some tough draws and have lost. Two out of six times, it has been to the eventual Cup champs.

With 30 teams, there have to be 29 losers. Based on that statistic alone, if all teams started evenly, there is less than a 4% chance of winning it all. Making the playoffs improves that to a mere 6.25% chance. Second round makes that a 12.5% chance. If winning it all is the ONLY thing that matters to a franchise, they are likely to be disappointed in this day and age.

These aren't the days where there are only 6 teams in the league. If we were one of 6, then yes, I would be pissed that we hadn't won the Cup by now. But that's not the case.

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