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Originally Posted by afterhours
I recently bought my 1st one-piece stick (Easton Stealth) and in terms of shooting it's done wonders. One thing I've noticed though is that in my stickhandling I struggle to find my usual comfortable zone.

I can still stickhandle pretty well with the stick. On rushes I can dangle the puck and make quick passes, but I find myself losing the puck more often on quick moves such as toe drags etc.

The other day I was playing around in my garage and pulled out an old Branches wood stick and my stickhandling was noticeably quicker than usual.

Does anyone have similar experiences?

Also, since I'm not a big equipment geek, are there hybrid blades out there that offer maybe a wood inlay for feel but the lightness of a composite make up?
This is really common and a sacrafice most people make when using an OPS. A way to kind've combine both feel and performance (but definately compensate) is to go with a tapered combo with a wood blade. Easton, TPS, Bauer, Christian and I believe RBK are now producing wood tapered blades so it's definately something you should look into. If you want to keep the weight down on the stick, try and R2 Xn10, excellent performance. Also I've found Inno composite blades (not the checkerboard ones) to have much better feel than any other companies.

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