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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I think people are mixing up firing Trotz with the decision to sit AK and Rads. It has nothing to do with that for me. Do I think he gets the max out of his best players, not at all. Weber and Suter have played on the world stage and were shining stars for the Canadian and US Olympic teams. They are paired together in this series against good players from Phoenix yet they don't shine out there. Where are the thunderous hits from Weber? Those sorts of things change momentum in games and in series. I'm sorry but I am not seeing the fire in Weber. To be perfectly honest, if I'm Trotz or anyone else in that locker room, I'm ticking off Weber because even though he'll take a bad penalty here and there when he's mad, he plays with more of an edge and attitude when he's pissed off. He's a gentleman out there right now and it's playoff hockey. It's time to put down the purse and tea cup and start playing playoff hockey.

I have felt for years that Trotz gets great mileage out of average to good players but when he has top end talent, he doesn't know what to do with it. He's never been able to get the most out of Legwand on a consistent basis. Hartnell was in his doghouse early and often. Erat is probably the rare exception but even he's never even put up the big numbers. Rads has to play Barry's game to get on the ice as opposed to Barry playing to Rads' strengths. Same thing with Wilson. And a lot of you will be like we gave him a chance and he never did anything but Peverly had skills and obviously Boston thought so too and he's been a fixture in their top 6 for a while now and producing good numbers.

I just don't see that he puts guys in a position to succeed with the skill sets they have and the system he uses. He wants all the guys to play his system and while that's fine and dandy, you have to let guys play their games too. That's why they were drafted right, because of their skill sets? Not everyone is going to be a great two way player but if they excel offensively, does that mean they should sit because they aren't perfect defensively? Compensate that line with other good two way players to balance the lines out.

And the argument of who do we replace him with is a tired one. Trotz never coached a game in the NHL and everyone loves him so there are guys with little or no experience in the NHL that would do the job just fine. Remember, everyone had to coach their first NHL game at some point. Sometimes change is good, sometimes it's bad but to say, who do we replace him with is chicken ***** to me because to be best, you have to take chances sometimes. You have to step out of the norm and go with a calculated risk. We took a chance by going "all in" this season and we're one game from elimination because of a coach who has the inability to change on the fly. He made great decisions against Detroit and has done nothing to slow down or figure out how to put a chink in the armor of a Coyote team.

And while I haven't given up on the season since I still believe in this group of players, if it doesn't get done, a change is warranted and needs to be discussed.
this is especially interesting..... there was a clip of tortorella wearing out gaborik on the bench the other day.... i think he was saying make a difference, marian...
and I think he did on the next shift.

now, trotz obviously isn't torts.... but

your post has me thinking..... about the aspect of how to motivate players...
(and frankly its nice for someone to see what i see with weber cause i get jumped on all the time saying it to people)

brent petersen...........maybe, just maybe ......he is the fire and passion starter with some of these guys and he's not in the locker room so much...

i was told that he came down hard on these guys back in Dec and things were very different for a while.

So, yes, this is on trotz..... and if he's not seeing that these players are not motivated enough and he has a tool to do it.....he's not doing his job...
i wonder if he is such a "reasonable and logical and approachable" man...... that he just doesn't get in their face enough.... that he thinks the circumstances they are in, should be motivation enough to kick in first gear and beyond... that whatever motivation mentally is needed........he's just not pushing the right mental button or doesn't know what it is.

so, maybe he needs a quick session with a sports psychologist...... to help him see what he is not seeing, or that the approach he is taking does not work with everyone...

i think the coaches that are great..... tortorella, babcock........are rare i think trotz falls in the next tier, like the majority of the coaches in the nhl..

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