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05-06-2012, 09:06 AM
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Life is simply better when the caps win.

For a trapper it sure seems like we have opened up the offense over the past 2 games. While we did hunker down with a lead, I think the shot totals do reflect opening up some. Dmen have been a bit more aggressive.

While our breakout and neutral zone play leave a lot to be desired, imagine how many more chances we would get if that was sorted proper. Maybe next year.

I am still miffed about the Wides Sarge gaffe. That was the classic old unaggressive Sarge I didnt like. Refusing to ever be the Dman that gets a loose puck. He doesn't even start to move, he just looks across at the RD and stands there. Wides who had jumped in the air at the blue was stunned. Forced to finally go get it, does a series of S turns??? - lollygagging to the puck. Mind boggling. He has regressed into his old habits and needs a scratch. I prefer Erskine full hustle 3 BS vs Sarge 9 no hustle.

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