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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I'm going to throw something else into this discussion. Tootoo gets cross checked to the head by Morris and Halischuk gets boarded by Klesla, why weren't either of those guys eating their teeth? For all the talk of this is a tight knit group, why aren't guys standing up for each other. Why didn't Trotz let Tootoo loose on Morris when he got out of the box? Why was Klesla left standing after such a dangerous hit? Trotz even said it was dangerous and he was holding onto Hali, so why wasn't anything done? Yeah, we take a penalty as well but geez guys, stand up for one another. Are they afraid they're going to get sat by Trotz for standing up for each other? If you're a team and a teammate is wronged, you right the wrong by defending him. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. And if you're not going to stand up for each other at that moment, hit every thing that moves after that point but neither was done. It's a joke. We're too passive as a team and if the captain, who can be a physical force out there isn't doing it, who else is going to? If Weber were to start crushing people, others would as well. Guess what that leads to, turnovers by Phoenix which leads to chances for us. They are looking over their shoulders every time they touch the puck. Trotz, for the love of all things holy, unleash the fury.
wow.... I agree again...partially

I would say... players, leaders of the team.... unleash the fury....I think they need to have the balls to do that.... this part is shared by the players...
especially the leaders..

Bourque does it.... Bouillon does it... where are the leaders?

It's the cup boys.... if you don't want it enough to be a team... you'll never have it... it doesn't matter how many top six forwards you have or if you have a great d pair.... if you're not willing to be a team.... you'll never taste it.

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