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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Gomez also played with Kostitsyn (a lot. it was a nightmare), Pacioretty (Pacioretty produced. Gomez not so much), Gionta (ALL THE TIME. poor Gionta), Cammalleri (to a lesser extent)... Of our wingers only Cole did not play extensively with Gomez.

To blame his lack of production on bad linemates is revisionist history at best. He had plenty of chances and finally got Darche as a linemate when it finally became clear to our coaches he was hopeless. They were very patient with him.

That is not true.

64% of Gomez shifts in 2009-10 regular season was with POULLIOT.....I mean come on ....

In the 2009-10 playoff 57.9% of his shift was with Poulliot,and 24.2% of his remaining shifts was with? DARCHE....

So 82%+ of his shifts was with Poulluiot/ Darche in and that was TOP LINES!
Welcome to MONTREAL !

THEN after that?

2010 -11 season in playoffs 34 percent of Gomez shifts was with ? DARCHE!24.5% of his shifts in 2010-11 playoffs was with Moen ....

59% of his shift was with Darche/ offense but are they top 6 forwards?

I mean come on ....I'd be depressed too!

As i said Gomez line needs a big body NHL legit top 6 , physical/scrapper type if necessary that can put up 20 goals etc.
Before they cast him off, they need to try to USE HIM RIGHT ....

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