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05-06-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
I don't think Cooper is a good comeback here.

he didn't even know Josi wasn't with the team on the last western conference swing until after the game started.... and he had been at practice that day..

he's wonderful if you want to know on twitter what music is playing in each arena..

glennon has done a much better job and writes.....when he has covered or supplemented for him... we have had stories in the fishwrap...

so, who knows.... cooper won't ask the hard questions ....

canadian writers are a little pushier...
How would Canadian writers know what the leadership group said? They're never around, just flying in for an occasional game. Additionally, the "the players don't want them in the locker room" story sounds a lot less likely, but also much more sensational and will likely pique interest from Canadian readership that has little interest in the Preds.

Cooper's tweet seems perfectly reasonable. While I'm sure Trotz listened to any leadership input, they don't make the decisions.

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