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05-06-2012, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
Kinda easy to pin it on the guy who everybody hates and is no longer here. I don't buy it.

Well, I do buy that Gauthier had a big hand in that awful trade but it takes more than one person being blind to what the team had for that trade to go through. Everybody on this board knew that it was a God awful trade the moment it went down, so why didn't the people who signed off on it know that as well? Boivin had the final say on any and all trades, Gainey while he may have been grieving should have been told of any transactions (and it didn't take a lot of deep analysis to realize this was a stinker), Brisebois should have vetoed any trade for Gomez as our 'cap expert', the amateur staff should have fought harder for McDonagh... It was a screw up from the top down.

All that being said, people need to get over it.
It is kind of weird that this just comes out like that, but on the flip side, I don't get why some uninterested party would just come up and try to put another one in Gauthier for the sake of it.

It's kind of suspicious overall, but it's possible.

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