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Originally Posted by Habs Fan in NJ View Post
I don't know how people can justify making all these scenarios where Gomez stays and plays with new people or whatnot.

Personally I cannot see a realistic scenario in which Gomez staying doesn't infuriate me.
When 64 % of your regular season shift are with Poulliot ,and 82 percent of your playoff shifts are with Poulliot and Darche the first year you come to Montreal???

then the following season 60% of your playoff shifts are with Darche and Moen ???

I mean let's be honest here ....Gomez is a set up man , they put him in a position to fail......

You think he liked those line AHL calibre line mates?????

If i was a top 6 nhler i wouldn't....I'd find it a insult ...

Moen is not a fulltime top 6 , and i really like him and want him back .

Berg needs to make this right .....Gomez didn't go away, they just really misused the guy ..

He and JM and JM jr wasn't on the same page.....for good reason ..

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