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05-06-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Ludicrous Speed View Post
How can you say that when Murray right now is a better defender than Moore? And he's just as good of a skater, if not better. Moore was never supposed to be a top-10 pick, let alone top-2, he was always ranked in the teens as far as the mocks went. Not to mention everyone knew Moore would need to develop whereas Murray is touted as NHL ready, moreso than a lot of guys in previous years.

Who on our team plays defense well? Sure, Johnson leaves it all on the ice every shift and is a physical presence, but he has about average defending skills. Nikitin I suppose defends fine, but Wiz is a pylon, Tyutin seems to lose his coverage more often than you would like, Methot is average at everything, and Moore and Savard are still learning the ropes. Why do we need him to be scoring 65+ points or whatever it would take for the pundits to lay off his so-called offensive "deficiencies"? You guys realize we've had 1 guy score more than 40 from the backend, right? Murray's potential is in that 40 point range, and we've got Wiz and Johnson at a minimum to produce.

That's not to say Murray would come in and play savior, but he's labeled as that Lidstrom or Suter type defending outsmarting forwards, great positioning and stickwork; he's the guy you know you can trust to have on the ice.

I really am not opposed to Galchenyuk or Forsberg, in fact I haven't voted yet because I'm still torn between Murray and Galch. I would be happy with either Galch or Forsberg because our forward prospects are crap for the most part. What I am opposed to is ignorance.
No ignorance , people are still allowed to have opinions, to say Murray is already better defensively than John Moore is a reach. Defenseman take the longest to develop, when you analyze our defensive core, seems like your making the assumption that jack Johnson, John Moore and nikitin , have all reached their potential , as well as methot. They are all still really young defenseman , and most likely still could get alot better. The reason scouts are concerned with Murray, and rating others like riley, and troumba even, or ahead, is Murray is not a shut down defenseman, so when the others have a better offensive game, this is causing him to fall in the eyes of some scouts . He is a rounded defenseman, but as I noted above, both jack Johnson and John Moore where projected by scouts to be a #1 defenseman. When you look at our forwards and centers, what depth do we have ? Boone Jenner looks to be a nice player, maybe Calvert , or kubilak ? Seems we have much greater need at forward position to me .

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