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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Good that it's putting some form of accountability on the school's budget but at same time this has limited potential. You can only cut so much.
True. But lets remember the student's last offer last week: to completely replace the tuition hikes by cuts "dans le gras". They even gave numbers to show how it was doable. Anyone with any kind of experience knew this was complete crap - you can't just go and make arbitrary cuts like that without careful deliberations, and a lot of stuff can easily look superfluous until you actually consider it carefully . The government knew it was crap, and I guess the students probably also knew, but they also thought it was something that would sell well with their supporters (and it did).

Except that now, this new deal links the amount of money cut from the university budgets with the hikes. The associations can't just claim they won't be able to cut enough... when they said exactly the opposite just the week before! They basically screw themselves. Either accept this concept (while knowing the recurring cuts you'll truly be able to make in the end are going to pale compared to the hikes) or admit they were hypocrite all along.

The only party here who doesn't lose is the government. They raise the education budget by the exact same amount they expected in the beginning. Any amount subtracted from the hikes will be from already existing university expenses! The university administrators must be maaaad this morning: suddenly, they are the one who will have to deal with zealous and eager students meticulously inspecting all their expenses. Since the beginning of the strikes, they were nowhere to be found, happy to leave the government do their dirty job. Not anymore.

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