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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
That's how I understood it as well. I don't really see this as a win for the anti-hike side. Tuition has increased in the end. Now instead focusing their attention on Government, they now have to focus their attention on universities.
Pretty easy way out I guess. It's a bad plan. I actually think Universities such as concordia(ill speak for ConU as I go there) are in need of more funding. While managing expenses isn't a bad thing, the end result isn't really cause for optimism. You're pressuring universities to please the students and sidetrack or cut useful services in the process. Concordia's most used building(Hall) is a piece of crap. I've had my teachers openly complain in class about the FG building and how equipment is outdated. The MB and EV buildings are excellent but the H and several others are clearly lacking. They have started to renovate and modernize certain floors of the H(most notably 10) in order to provide better labs, classes and study rooms but I fear the slowdown such a tuition pressure would cause. While they may not be tied hand in hand, I'd rather the end result was the excess fees were used for projects to increase academic resources and the quality of education/research. Instead, we're cutting just to cut and once what was originally "Who should pay? Government or Students?" has an answer of "the universities".

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