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05-06-2012, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
But it's not a new piece of info at all. Anyone who could think for themselves knew that Gauthier in his duties as Dir. Pro-Scouting gave the ok on Gomez.
As the Director of PRO scouting, you can give your OK to get Gomez. This is not an info about LIKING Gomez. It's about an info of DISLIKING McDonagh. You hope that you talk more to your guy who drafted him 2 years before as he's in charge of player's development. That's Timmins job to like or dislike McDonagh. Not Gauthier. He can have his opinion and clearly it was a bad one. Now, the funny part is that while it's totally OBVIOUS that he gave the ok for Gomez, some in here didn't want to agree with that. I swear I read that it's possible he didn't agree with it and Gainey went with this on his own. Made no sense but some believed it. Now, again, it has nothing to do with Gomez here though. But more about the fact that, if true, he was another voice in there saying that McDonagh was expendable. And when you hear that Timmins was pissed off about it.......And then, like I said after, you don't have to dislike a guy to trade him. You might feel you have no choice. But he went further and gave the report that McDo was simply nothing special. To me, it's a very new piece of info. At the very least, which explains a lot of things we've talked about here and made approximately 1000 threads about. That info, at the very least, close the door on most of those threads. Some people want to move on from things. Well you start by knowing the truth and that will help in closing the chapter. You need to know the end of your book before you close it. Mind you, we might never know FOR SURE, unless Gauthier and Co comes clean and say how it was. Not expecting it though.

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