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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
You know I like you. But what's hard to understand here, this is, as rumor as it is, a new piece of info. There was indeed 1000 threads of Gauthier's real implication of Gainey's moves. Weren't you around when it happened. Now, we finally "might" have some validation to it. It's well deserved another thread.

Unless, mods want to create a Gomez-McDonagh thread and sticky it. Or we could also agree to put it in the ex-habs thread. Ex-habs as in...McDonagh and as in we wish Gomez becomes one...

But frankly, at this point, this is worth it. Any new piece of infos, whether the trade or whatever happened a while ago, is a new piece of info in itself. Subject is old, info isn't.
To be honest...given everything that's going on with the Habs right now...

- NHL entry draft and the potential of drafting in the top 3
- New GM, Bergevin who seems to have brought a breath of fresh air to an organization that desperately needed one
- the impending nomination of Rick Dudley, a well respected talent evaluated to pair up with Bergevin
- a new coach to look forward too...

There's so many things to look ahead too, I just couldn't careless about what Gauthier sucks, but that's water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned

Whether or not Gauthier 'liked' McDonagh is of little consequence...

At some point, you have to let it go...this 'new' piece of information only serves to beat the dead horse

There's too much good vibes around the Habs right now for me to worry about McDonagh, sucks, he's probably better than I thought he ever would be and it does hurt seeing him in playoffs right now, but he's not the first player the Habs misevaluated and he won't be the last

For years I loathed the Habs front office because of the Recchi/Leclair trade, not gonna go through that again...

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