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05-06-2012, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
so we have gone from the first few years of "trotz can't get into the playoffs" to "trotz can't get out of the first round" to "trotz can't get out of the 2nd round"

just fact checking here
Weren't you and a few others saying Smith is trash as a goalie and yet he's dominated us all series. Hmmmm. Sure he's a hot goalie but isn't the guy in our net supposed to be one of the top 3 in the world?

Dude, you know as well as I do it's about results, good, bad or indifferent. You've followed the Yankees long enough to know this, it's about championships, nothing less. Why should we not have those expectations as a fan of this team?

And 101, you're right, 10 days ago the staff and players were doing all right. Well, things change and the bottom line was the team wasn't ready to play coming off of their break. And while the coaches adjusted their style from the wide open style to a more conservative approach, if you told me we'd give up 1 goal in two home games and be 1-1 I'd have to say I'd be disappointed.

Who knows, maybe Trotz pulls a rabbit out of his hat and has these guys playing on all cylinders tomorrow night. Maybe Smith loses his mojo. Maybe the team that we saw go on their January run shows up. If they do, great and Trotz will get the credit he deserves for getting them focused and on their game once again. If he doesn't, he's up for any and all scrutiny thrown his way. People may agree or disagree on this but that is sports in a nutshell.

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