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03-20-2006, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by RC51
The problem is not how much they make, it's that the Habs need MORE scoring. Therefore need more players that create chances and shooters that shoot.

Ribs does create but is not a shooter and +/- is bad.
Zednik is a streak shooter, for 1.8mil you can get better.
Bonk has no creativity and is NOT a shooter anymore.
Sundstrom the same as Bonk.

but before you can dump players you have to get others that ARE better.

Pleks and Higgins are the start of the transition, more rookies to come.
Gainey now has a war chest and can target the most glareing problems.

The Habs will have the most interesting camp next September in years. Many spots up for grabs, and this years slackers and streak shooters and hookers will be remembered.
Just some thoughts...
All your centres aren't supposed to be players that pile on points, at least not if it means you lose out in other areas.
Bonk is probably still around for that reason. Same with players like Yzerman (the current version of him in any case). This is not to say he can't be replaced of course.
Ribs? Dumping him to save money to get a better scorer? Why? He's incredibly cheap for a non-rookie (course this is really his 2nd full time NHL season...). Keep him. He may not score but he does get us points. He'll get us 50 points this year and this is his BAD year. Assuming he plays as he can and not necessarily to his potential, he can net us easily 60-70. And for a penny over a million. Do you really dump a guy who costs us barely a bump and during his bad year still get us ~50 pts? He doesn't have to be a 2nd centre and we can afford to keep him as spare parts but I still don't see the logic of getting rid of him.
Zednik? Not sure what to do with him. He's usually good for 30 goals. If we can trade him (with someone else) for a better scorer, fine, otherwise we keep him. Sunny? Well, Keeping him really doesn't hurt in my mind. He can be an extra. He doesn't cost us an arm and a leg.
As for Higgins, he seems legit so I have no problems seeing a lot of action though I see him more as a winger.
Pleky...well, not sure. You all bash Ribs because he doesn't produce as well as a second centre should, and because he's week and his +/- is bad...well, his +/- is getting better so I generally not looking at that. Him being weak is worrisome but he's slowly changing my views on that lately. But to say we should replace him with Pleky now? Why? I don't see Pleky every producing as much as Ribs does. He brings other things to the table but your argument is that we need others who will produce more no? Well, I don't see Pleky as that solution. He's good and he'll obviously get better but I don't see him getting THAT much better. My guess would be that he'll top out around 40-45 pts. Otherwise who do we have to replace Ribs? Chipchura isn't the answer either. He may end up being more important than Ribs but I don't see him being a great scorer. If you want a better 2nd center, I think the only solution is getting one from outside the team. Either that or moving Koivu down and getting another 1st center which would be interesting though I'm not really a subscriber to that idea.

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