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05-06-2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
Yeah I would rather have Bryzgalov instead of Lundqvist Why do people seem to think just because Bryzgalov couldnt stop a shot, no one can.
I have said it several times. Bryzgalov isnt at fault 100 percent, but He needs to be better. He hasnt been very good. You dont have to look at the "stats"
If you didnt look at the stats would you be happy with how hes played? He has been inconsistant this whole playoffs. not even from game to game. but in game play he has been inconsistant.
I don't look at the stats, because I know they're ******. It's a waste of time. Again, if I decided to become a sports fan today, and started with Albert Pujols one of the worst players in baseball? He's got bad stats...he must be. Right? I work in retail, my sales statistics are down. Does that mean I'm a bad salesman? My corporation seems to think so. But since I'm the one on the front lines selling...I know there are reasons to why sales numbers are down. Same goes for Bryz, there's a reason his stats suck. Is he perfect? No.

To answer your question, yes I would think he's played well w/o stats in this series...the playoffs as a whole, not as much. He had a couple bad games against PIT. There are so many people in these threads throwing stats out here and not looking at the reasons why. Bryz has made some mistakes, some costly. The defense has made MANY mistakes, some costly...aka Bryz HAS bailed them out quite a few times (contrary to peoples beliefs that he just lets the team down constantly).

The defense needs to step it up tonight. Carle already looks half asleep in this interview with Pierre.

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