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05-06-2012, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
Dubi's indecisiveness is something that is apparent no matter what position he plays.
Absolutely. So how do you seem feeling more comfortable playing the position with the most responsibility; the position that requires the most decision making? Dubinsky looks anything but comfortable playing center to me. But in general, the only place he looks comfortable is in the defensive zone.

Agreed he is not a great technical passer but being center allows him more ability to roam in the offensive zone. He can choose when he wants to forecheck or stay in the gaps.
That would only serve to exacerbate his biggest issue. He's a weak passer, and I don't think anyone on the team has a tougher time deciding whether to shoot or pass in the heat of the moment (nor does anyone else make the wrong decision/take too long as often as Dubi). Why do you want him doing anything but forechecking? That's easily the best thing you could get out of him in the other team's zone.

Plus as bad as Dubi might be at passing it is LIGHTYEARS ahead of Boyle's ability to play with the puck. Since we are discussing third line center duties and all.

In the long term though, Dubi is probably not even on this team. I can't say the same about Boyle.
Yeah, I don't see Dubinksy being here much longer. The problem with Boyle is he shouldn't be in any discussion regarding third line center duties. Dubinsky belongs on another team, Boyle belongs on the 4th line. If anyone should be centering the third line, it should be Anisimov.

Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
It was what 10 pt increase? You could easily make a case it had more to do with him playing more minutes than his position change.

In the same breath I can say that his worst career year was at wing and that he was far more consistent playing center.
I don't think you could. At no point in his NHL career has he ever been anything close to consistent playing center. The only time he was ever remotely consistent was last season, at LW.

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