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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Pacioretty 2 year ago was a AHL player...not the same player ok?
So when Gomez played with him he was AHL'er /

Darche was always a 4th line /AHLer
Poulliot another 2 yr he wont be in NHL .When he played with Gomez he couldn't make the WILD!
Poulliot was so good Habs let him walk.....was that MR Gomez fault?

Cammy played on his line with a height of 5.'6,5'8 and 5'10
None of them hit....Cammy his wing man 17 hits all year? ya that's a space opener right there.
And a hit from Gionta is one to fear?
Like lets get real ....

It's been trash from day 1 for him ..
He came from playing with JAGR! to Poulliot and Darche ...LMAO ..
Lets put Claude Giroux with DARCHE INSTEAD of Jagr....

Montreal set it up to fail.

You take a guy who is a set up man(Gomez) and give him ahl hands to pass to ?????

You take a set up man(Gomez) who is under 6 ft and give him 2 line mates of 5.6 and 5-8 and un physical ???

Then wonder what is wrong?

I've been saying this as well. However, at the same token, Gomez has underperformed. His play has been unacceptable the last couple of years. I think the criticism he took in his 1st year with the Habs was unwarranted. But the guy seems to have lost all confidence...I simply can't excuse his play even though he was not put in the best situation.

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