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05-06-2012, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by New York RKY View Post
After such outrage over the officiating of the least game I finally had the patience to come back on here. I held out because I didn't want to say something I was going to regret but I can't believe through and through how God-awful the officiating has been in the playoffs. I mean we're used to bad officiating but this playoff season has really pushed it to a new level.

I don't believe in an anti-Ranger agenda (though I do believe in a pro-Pittsburgh one) but the refs shouldn't be the focal point in the game. Either be consistent or put the damn whistles away.

I have nothing else to add without losing my civility.
Originally Posted by King Henrik 30 View Post
I probably should have considered doing that yesterday. Instead, I posted three times while I was literally raging. I don't remember the last time I got that angry at a game before. Even thinking about it today gets me fired up.
There is definetly an agenda. It's to promote long series' and smaller market teams, teams that have stars like AO.

Going into 3rd periods tied against Washington will most likely lead to
goals scored against us and losses. The refs are simply ignoring what the Caps are doing to us in these third periods. Things they haven't seen all game are suddenly so aparent to them and the calls go against us.

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