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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
I know you stopped watching the Knicks when they started winning, but Fields was abysmal with Anthony on the bench, especially when Woodson had an 11-man rotations. Unless you think Melo spiked his gatorade or put icy hot in his jock as well.
I never stopped watching. I actually started watching more. I wanted to see if Anthony was going to magically start playing like he cared. And while watching, I don't remember many situations where Fields wasn't on the floor with one of Anthony or Smith. Anthony is a complete moron of a player. I mean, a guy who just makes astoundingly bad decisions. But Smith is on a whole different level of stupid. And whenever either of them have the ball, the offense comes to a screeching halt.

He was a smart player, and the Knicks were carried by Stats 30.0 ppg average. He was open 90 pct of the time and had a PG who was a playmaker. Fields is a high maintenance player who needs everything to be perfect for him to score.

Again, Fields' shot has been flat all season. The guys who cover the Knicks say so as well. I guess that's hit teammates fault too.
If you call ball movement high maintenance, then sure. he's high maintenance. I guess every team to win an NBA championship in, let's say, the last 30 years is full of high maintenance players. Those teams all featured exceptional ball movement. LOL. Fields, the energy bench player in his second season after being drafted in the 2nd round (and a great pick, by the way), is the high maintenance player. What do you call Anthony then?

The ONLY thing I said about Fields as a shooter was that he needs to improve his jump shot. I said Fields is a versatile role player. His usefulness, IMO, has very little to do with scoring. Rebounding, passing and his length on defense are what you're looking for from him. But whatever scoring contributions he made before the Anthony trade had more to do with pushing the ball in transition than him being open. He was getting most of his points on the break.

"Dregs of the east"?????

Please. They beat Chicago, won in Indiana, in Philly, in orlando, they beat the Clippers in a must win for LA, they beat Atlanta.....

Come on.....All those games were "must wins".

Knicks dont get into the playoffs without Melo. I know it kills you reading that but you're the only Knick hater I know who refuses to acknowledge that.
Refuses to acknowledge that? I said on this board before the season that the Knicks would probably finish 3rd or 4th in the East! The Knicks did worse this season than I thought they would. And, in fact, the Knicks could have easily finished 3rd or 4th in the East. The Knicks could have gotten to the 2nd round of the playoffs if not for Anthony throwing the first 3 months of the season away. Anthony basically spit in the face of every Knick fan this season. He totally wasted this season for the team. They still would have lost to Miami or a healthy Chicago, but they could have avoided having to play them in the first round if he had given even a modicum of effort while D'Antoni was here.

And, yes, dregs of the East. The East is pathetic, especially with Howard injured. All those wins you listed, the Indianas, the Philadelphias, the Atlantas, the Clippers...these are not great teams. The only great team on that list is Chicago, and the Knicks won one game against them when Rose had just returned from injury and played really poorly. Besides, none of those wins happen if Anthony doesn't provide the kind of defensive effort that, to this point, in his career, he's provided in only the rarest of instances. I don't know why you expect that now, all of a sudden, he's going to keep it up. He's never kept it going for any extended period of time before. He certainly didn't keep it going in this series against the Heat.

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